Did you know,that woman in the,viking age did have a Gold

Did you know that woman in the viking age did have a Gold ring in her hair?

it was only Girls/Women that still was a virgin, it was appreciated with big value and it was a big respect for those womens that did keep there Virginity.

they did have many men come to ask, the nobel and regular men, the one that could make her say yes,

did get big honor but to get a woman like that you did to have done good things and be a big Man,

and to the hard viking life, to try or rape a girl with a golden ring in the hair was 100% sure way to get kill by law no way around. it was death penalty to do something like that.

Viking women were most respected in their time
those might even not just choose a husband but also separate.

honesty  self respect, and truth was some of the biggest values among the Vikings.

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