Things you most likely did not know about the Gods

Lofoten mountains
There are three known mountain that stands out significantly from the other mountains with its special design and symbolism.
These mountains, as our ancestors presumably regarded as holy, sacred places that exude a special high energy.

We know that since time began, symbols, geometric shapes and expressions affected human emotions,

so it is quite conceivable that these distinctive mountains in Lofoten, also made it.

The first mountain is Olstinden jutting out of the sea at the mouth of Reinefjord,

Svolvaergeita Svolvaer Mountain, Fløya and Trenyken located out at sea outside Røst.

Olstinden, pyramid mountain with furrows in the rock wall that draws the outline of a fish coming out of the sea,
with a seed in your mouth. Symbolic significance might be,
“knowledge that comes out of the unconscious and eternal sea, with a sprout new knowledge, -a seed.”

What impact this mountain may have had for our ancestors, I’m not sure,
but it seems that this mountain has significance in this time,

as we are in now.A time that is said to bring people to greater awareness and increased concern
for each other and for the earth as a living organism.

( ODIN )

320olstinden If it is true that symbols affect us, so there is a high probability that Olstinden form and expression,
in one way or another, help to raise the Norwegian people to this elevated level of consciousness.

For a large plaster in this context is that pyrmidefjellet Olstinden
is one of the most photographed mountain in Norway.

Presumably the mountain that most people in Norway have seen your picture, and the incredible number of occasions.Image of Olstinden spent several
years as a paused image and background image both NRK and TV2været.

Svolvaergeita consists of a massive boulder that grow out of the mountain’s foot and divides into two peaks or horns,
if you wish to call it that.This rock formation can be perceived as two people who look beyond the city,

where the horns make up their mind. The person westward holder left his hand around the shoulders of the other.
In the right hand he holds a shield.

Dear child has many names and this ledge in the mountains,
have at times had some names, where all of them can be associated with old Old Scandinavian mythology as Jotun woman,
Svolværgygra and crone and Kailln

.348svolvergeitThe symbolic meaning, the expression Svolvaergeita exudes when one looks both on location
form and the name it has carried up through time;-out of one, -it androgynous,

created opposites, male and female, and the association between them.”Hiero Gamos.” “The Holy wedding.”

A symbolism that we find out on Trenyken, and on the small GOLD amulets Viking.
Today Svolvaergeita a strong symbol of the capital of Lofoten, Art and Culture, Svolvaer, LIGHT CITY

Trenyken area reaching in Lofoten, south sea Røst, is one of Scandinavia’s largest nesting there including puffins,
Scandinavia parrot nest, is Lofoten’s most distinctive mountain.

This amazing mountain island symbolizing the Trinity and the union between heaven and earth,

has fascinated many artists throughout the past 200 years. Among other things,
hangs a painting of Trenyken fisheries minister’s office at Parliament.

Also named this particular island carrier has its mystique about them. Three -nyken or -three -nyk -er.


Poseidon’s son of Kronos is often portrayed with a nyk in hand, a vehicle very similar on a three tagged pitchfork.

But here we are talking about three Nyker, wooden pitchforks to speak.
The closest I have come an interpretation is that nyk can mean nectar and three-nyk, one sugary beginnings.

Slightly strange to think when you know that inside this mountain’s cave paintings that tell it once,
thousands of years ago, something happened that was the start of something new.

Perhaps one sugary beginning, visualized through god figures which were
painted on cave walls during the ritual that was held there.

Exactly when this should have happened is not good to know, but we know based on analyzes of the dirt floor in the cave,
that is 33,000 years ago sea water was inside it, and that it is 3500 years since it was last sacrificed to idols figures.

How long people have lived in Lofoten is not known,
but officially as it is estimated that people have lived in the archipelago of time after the ice retreated about 13,000 years ago.



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