Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat

Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat –
Vikings they ate tapas

– The diet was much richer than first thought.​​​​​​​

ROSKILDE – Many people think that the Vikings sat and gnawed on a piece of meat and washed down with mead. The image does not, says Louise Kæmpe Henriksen (34), museum inspector on Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

On the quayside stand two plates with colorful food. On a thin flatbread is berries, rotfruktkrem and marinated meat sprinkled with pickled red onions and herbs.

Alongside stands a creamy pearl barley salad with ramsløksmajones and hazelnuts.

– All this ate Vikings. The diet was much richer than first thought, she says

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ROSKILDE FJORD: year amended outside the city you will find beautiful beaches. In this fjord, the Vikings sailed with new ingredients from exotic regions. Photo: KRISTIAN RIDDER-NIELSEN

food project
Food is part of the project “New Nordic Viking food ‘, a collaboration between the museum, Zonen for Madkultur, mathistorikere and archaeologists in Denmark.
The aim is to bring the past into the present, by interpreting. A kind of “fusion” of then and now.

– Creating Viking food is not that difficult. You just have to have good time. Much should be nighttime over, says chef Kenneth Roar Olofsen (33), chairman of the museum cafe.

He has been the Vikings saved since he was little and can their sagas. A viking tattoo on forearm confirms interest.

Louise rush into saying that all the ingredients are from the Viking era, not the dishes. Vikings hardly ate exactly.

– We know the ingredients and know when they got here, but we do not know much about the meal’s composition, she says.

They she knows is that the Vikings ate everything at once.

Appetizer, entree and dessert was unknown.

– The Vikings ate some tapas-like, says Louise.
There were large differences between the social classes.
Chief, farmer and slave ate different food.
Wheat cakes, meat roasted bird and game was reserved for the upper classes, who also enjoyed themselves with walnuts,
wine and cheese. The captain ate food on silverware, slave ate porridge and drank the soup bowl.

Brought the world home
Food project started by Louise and a colleague, both “foodies”with great interest in commodities, sat in the office and talked about how they could expand museum experience.
Food, they thought, food is a way to experience the past in.

– The Vikings were adventurers.

​​​​​​​They went out and brought the world home. Exotic flavors, from the North Atlantic to the Arab world, says Louise and rattles off some of the things that was packed out of the boats; Anise and fennel, walnuts, eat foam, coriander and cinnamon.

– The homecoming must have been a party, she says.

Kenneth and Louise think the Vikings ate refined.

– The Vikings were keen detail. Look at their boats, jewelry and art. Such people may not have eaten bad, she says.

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