The Vikings Universe Shop, is A Norwegian focused Viking Shop Located on the world wide web.


Let the Vikings Universe Live On – Vikings

in mid summer 2016 , we founded Viking Universe Shop after realizing there were hundreds if not thousands of viking shops already in existence.
because of that we have decided that we must make a viking store that is for every one,
and get info and tips and a place to be and learn more about Vikings.

As a family owned and operated ecommerce website, we want to get out to so many people as possible,
to learn more about the vikings and some secrets most people don’t know about vikings,
Welcome to the Vikings Universe Shop!

Meet the Team



Marius is the head Leader of The Vikings universe Shop, he has the led the leadership of Vikings universe making since July 2016 and will continue until Ragnarrok…

Leader of designe

Marius is the Leader of design for all at the Vikings universe Shop. he have dedicated his life to the understanding of vikings life and belief, so he can give a good insight to You.

Web designer

Marius is the Web Designer For this Wonderful Webpage, he have self learn everything from info on the net and reed to get knowledge and Wisdom, like Odin Say search wisdom and knowledge and you will find what you need and the truth, the Viking Style.


we’re committed to using the highest quality natural and organic to create on everything we have on Vikings Universe Shop. Vikings Universe shop will always work too reach too be better and Grow ! And we truly believe, Quality gives happiness.

we feel strong responsibility to making Vikings universe to our footprint, to help those who really need it, and give a helping hand to those who want it,and we’re constantly looking for new ways to make our operations more awesome, and too engage our business with the surrounding Vikings universe community.

Featured box textwe know life can get busy and understand the difficulty of finding quality Viking goods.
that’s why we ship all around the world with the click of a button. if you don`t have Viking Goods where you live or want to send them to a loved one, we got you covered. if you have any questions, just check out our FAQ.

We’re a family first type of this kind of Viking business,if you want to learn how the viking life is with your family or significant other,we host learning sessions. for more information on our courses, or if you just like to chat, please contact us at We`d love to hear from you!