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Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat

Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat – Vikings they ate tapas – The diet was much richer than first thought.​​​​​​​ ROSKILDE – Many people think that the Vikings sat and gnawed on a piece of meat and washed down with mead. The image does not, says Louise Kæmpe Henriksen (34), museum inspector […]


Viking dragon rings: Dragons have occurred throughout Norse Beliefs numerous times, including: Fafnir being turned into a dragon Danish patriotic writings depicting a dragon  Nidhogg Features: FREE SHIPPING Material: 316L Stainless Steel Size: 5 – 14 (certain colours may not have all sizing available) Sizing:  Follow these steps to get your ring size: 1. Wrap […]

This is The True Jul / Jól & and Now You Know

This is The True Jul – Jól & and Now You Know Viking Products Jól (from Old Norse Jól or Jólablót) is the former Norse celebration of midwinter day (in the Norse period January 12 – 28 days after the winter solstice) in the Region. The word Jól is historically a common Nordic term for the […]

Things you most likely did not know about the Gods

Lofoten mountains There are three known mountain that stands out significantly from the other mountains with its special design and symbolism. These mountains, as our ancestors presumably regarded as holy, sacred places that exude a special high energy. We know that since time began, symbols, geometric shapes and expressions affected human emotions, so it is […]

Travel to the Vikings land and Explore it yourself

Plan a Travel ? We know that people that have travel to northern europe have Good memories to look back on, the rest of the life and why not you to !? we will help you here on the blog, to give you tips and travel Secrets For FREE! Also give FREE Tips and Info About […]

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