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Did you know,that woman in the,viking age did have a Gold

Did you know that woman in the viking age did have a Gold ring in her hair? it was only Girls/Women that still was a virgin, it was appreciated with big value and it was a big respect for those womens that did keep there Virginity. they did have many men come to ask, the […]

Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat

Vikings ​​​​​​​did not Sit and gnaw on a piece of Meat – Vikings they ate tapas – The diet was much richer than first thought.​​​​​​​ ROSKILDE – Many people think that the Vikings sat and gnawed on a piece of meat and washed down with mead. The image does not, says Louise Kæmpe Henriksen (34), museum inspector […]

Available on PS4,XboxOne & PC14/02/17

FOR HONOR Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC February 14 For Honor stole my heart at E3 even before a second of gameplay was shown. This is because of director Jason VandenBerghe’s passion, oozed through every word he spoke. I enjoyed the surprising depth offered by its simple controls in my brief time with the […]

Viking Art read it today, Crafts and sculpture

Viking Products Viking Art is a collective term for art utterances I different styles As mustache practiced in Viking Age in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other areas with Norse settlement, like Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the British Isles. The area of Viking Art was gradually extended from the late 700s until the 1100s. They […]

The Vikings Universe Revolution.

Vikings Universe is the place to be if you want to be Happy! we believe that Actions speak louder than Words! we are here to help and Motivate, we believe in quality and Positive Vibes. The History we in Vikings Universe, want to make a Home to all people, that like Vikings and all that […]

Travel to the Vikings land and Explore it yourself

Plan a Travel ? We know that people that have travel to northern europe have Good memories to look back on, the rest of the life and why not you to !? we will help you here on the blog, to give you tips and travel Secrets For FREE! Also give FREE Tips and Info About […]

vikings Lifestyle-The Oldways & The Modern ways.

These times,it is BIG interest around the Vikings! the interest about the vikings is all around the world! Vikings are back! Yup, you did read that Right! Viking Products Here`s how it works! The Lifestyle to vikings are many, it is all kind of people, some one live in the woods and some one is […]

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