The Vikings Universe Revolution.

Vikings Universe is the place to be if you want to be Happy! we believe that Actions speak louder than Words!

we are here to help and Motivate, we believe in quality and Positive Vibes.

The History

we in Vikings Universe, want to make a Home to all people, that like Vikings and all that have to do with
Vikings life from old time and today! and that’s a lot! we want to be here to show how
much we can offer to the world,And to make the World a better Place!it will take some time,

because we  use more than 5 weeks now, to learn this and to create all this,
with social media and website and so on, so please be lilly patient with us thank you ! Stay tunet!


  1. Why did they Travel?
  2. What did they really Eat ?
  3. how Vikings dressed it up?
  4. Why do People like Vikings ?
  5. How was the family life and home?
  6. Did you know that Vikings washed least once a week!?

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